Monday, 28 February 2011

Interference dari TV plasma

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Rupa-rupanya TV Plasma pun boleh menghasilkan Interference dalam freq HF. Mari kita sama-sama siasat bagaimana Interference ini berlaku.

Berikut adalah sumber daripada article Ham Radio News:

According to members of the Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, noise and signals originating from Plasma Screen digital television set are causing considerable interference to their HF activities and have asked RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada) for help.

Complaints of this nature require specific and detailed information before RAC can consider taking this matter to Industry Canada. To gather this information, RAC invites its members that own a Plasma Screen television to report their experiences of interference from such products.

Specifically, reports should describe the make and model of TV, a description of their HF station and antenna system and the exact nature of the interference (what bands, what sound etc).
Remedies should also be tried and reported such as using ferrite chokes on power lines cords and signal cables if interference is detected.

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Amateurs with advanced instrumentation such as spectrum analyzers and calibrated antennas should measure signal intensity levels at given distances; these measurements will add credibility to our investigation. We also want to know from amateurs that can attest that operation of their own plasma TV causes no noticeable interference to their amateur radio operations.

All digital domestic equipment, including Plasma and LCD television sets must comply with Industry Canada standard ICES 003 (interference causing equipment standard for digital equipment) to be marketed in Canada. Alternately, TV sets with tuners may be certified under Industry Canada BETS 7 standard. Please indicate in any report submitted that a label on the TV or notation in the manual indicates it is indeed certificated and compliant under current issues of ICES 003 and/or the BETS 7 standards.

Source : Ham Radio News

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