Thursday, 12 November 2009

Interface for Sale

PRICE: RM135.00

Suitable with:

1. EchoLink (
2. EchoStation - repeater-control & "announcement machine" (
3. MixW (
4. UISS ( APRS via ISS (145.825Mhz)
5. UI-View ( SGate, IGate, Digipeater
7. MMRTTY and other digital QSO (
8. For iCom Mobile RIG (IC-2200H, IC-V8000, IC-208H, ID-800H, IC-2820H, IC-7000).
9. For other model (mobile or handy) please contact me first to conformation.
9. No need to open RIG cover for take out RX or Power cable from RIG.
10. RX/TX fully control by computer.
11. Com 1 port or RS232 to USB Converter need.

Install PTT

V8000 is ready with Interface

Item include:

1. Interface in BOX with LED TX
2. Audio Cable 1 meter
3. Double Audio Jack

Interface standby / RX mode

Interface TX mode

Me and this interface work together

Work very well with UISS (145.825MHz)

My Callsign appear at ARISS Web page
Details about interface click here (in Malaysia language)


Only prefer CIMB Bank Berhad or Hong Leong Bank transfer or Cash Bank-In or PayPal or MoneyBookers

A/C No: 7052397967
Name: Mohd Zaki Abdullah
Bank: CIMB Bank
PayPal Account: mzakiab [at]
MoneyBookers Account: mzakiab [at]

Note: Contact me first if you want use other bank or you don't have Hong Leong Bank or CIMB Account or Paypal Account or MoneyBookers Account.

 Visa Mastercard Discover American Express
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After Payment

Item will not be ship out, if there is no advice on your Full Payment and Shipping Details. Therefore, to avoid any delay in delivery, please Email us to mzakiab [at] the following details right after your payment has been done.

1) Recipient Full Name :
2) Shipping Address (P.O. Box is not accepted)
3) Contact Number:
4) From which Bank (interbank transfer mode)
5) Payment Mode: (ATM Transfer / Counter Bank-In / Internet Banking Transfer[from which bank]/ Cash Deposit Machine) or PayPal or MoneyBookers
6) Payment Amount :
7) Date and Time of Payment :
8) Remark (if any):

Delivery - FREE!!!!!
- FREE!!!!

Shipping Method for Malaysian buyer: PosLaju
Shipping Method for International buyer: PosDaftar

Please Select Model
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yeyeyey said...

skematik diagram xde ke pok key?

9W2KEY said...

ada... dlm file Encik Google dan Cik Puan Yahoo. Saya pun cari dari situ juga

9w2.November.Oscar.X-ray said...

pok key..kawe install echolink dale linux..pah tu nok view station lagu mano?9w2nox

9W6RYM said...

interface ecolink.. berapa harga antar sabah.

9W2KEY said...

Kos penghantaran adalah PERCUMA. Delivery - FREE!!!!! - FREE!!!!

kotak langgit said...

Abe key minta no tel anda saya nak beli interface echolink,2m band,zello dan eqso

matahari 430-480mhz said...

Pok Key ..kwn berminat ngan interface echolink..rm100 no phone bole

9W2KEY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
9W2KEY said...

Blh email terus kat saya