Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ham Radio promoted on TV in New Zealand

Mainland Broadcasting in New Zealand has broadcast an interview on its TV channels supporting ham radio and encouraging new comers to the hobby.

The Nelson Amateur Radio Club is holding an open night on the 16 March at 7.30pm at their clubrooms in Bolt Road (car club rooms) Nelson.

Gary Watson from Mainland Broadcasting (ZL3SV) interviewed Steve Denton (ZL2ASC). The interview was designed to promote the hobby and dispel some of the old myths and explain some of the new technologies on offer.

The interview can be down loaded and used by any club if they wish at no charge provided it is used unedited to promote Ham radio and no charges made.

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Amateur Radio ad on commercial TV in New Zealand

Mainland Television operates free to air TV channels in parts of New Zealand and has put together a TV ad for the Nelson Amateur Radio Club to promote an open night to encourage new members to the hobby.

The TV ad is being broadcast daily on 3 TV channels over the next 2 weeks at no change to the local club. The very simple ad was designed to promote the hobby, the local club and NZART the New Zealand national amateur radio body.

All the costs were covered by the TV station. The ad is in 2 parts, one a generic ad and the other to promote the Nelson clubs open night.

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The TV ad is available to any ham radio club or group at no charge provided it is not on sold to other parties

Gary ZL3SV - 73
Source - Ham Radio News

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