Tuesday, 2 November 2010

ISS School Contacts

Pada 3 November, 2010 jam 2.05 pagi akan berlangsung acara ISS School Contacts antara S.K. Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia dan ISS.

Sekolah ini akan menggunakan callsign 9M2RPN dan ISS akan menggunakan callsign OR4ISS. Frequansi downlink yang digunakan oleh ISS ialah 145.800MHz. Berikut adalah soalan-soalan yang akan ditanya oleh para pelajar kepada krew di ISS:

1. When you have achieved orbit, what is the first thing that you do?
2. Do you feel day and night in space?
3. Is there a bathing roaster for the crew?
4. What was your feeling when you were launch into space?
5. What time zone do you observe in space?
6. Have you seen other planets besides earth?
7. How big is the ISS?
8. Is it always dark in outer space?
9. Do you have your own room in space?
10. Do you sweat in ISS?
11. How does one get treated for the sudden sickness in space?
12. What does it feel like to float in space?
13. How is air and water in the ISS?
14. Does the lack of gravity in space affect your bones?
15. If air leak happen in ISS, what emergency action will be taken?
16. Is it hard to eat in space?
17. What do you see if you look out from the window now?
18. Can you see other satellite from the ISS?
19. Does dust exist in the ISS like they do ion earth?
20. Do you dream in space and what was your first dream?

Laluan ISS pada masa dan tarikh tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

AOS: 02.02am
Starting Azimut: 325 darjah
MAX EL: 80 darjah (Azimuth: 053)
LOS: 02.12 am
Freq: 145.800MHz Down link ISS


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